tips to fight stress at work

No matter what you do for a living without a doubt stress is present in some way, shape or form. Some days are better than others but at some point it gets to us and it influences not only our time at work but it carries itself home.
Through humor you can alleviate or repel stress. Laughter produces a release of endorphins, which contribute to a sense of well being that is just what you need in order to keep some sanity in a world where yesterday is the due date for most tasks. Here are some tips to help you fight back the stress:
1. Promote a humor club. No matter how busy the day is people do gather at some point, may it be for eating or even smoking. Get some coworkers to join you in a humor club and simply tell jokes.
2. If there is no environment for a humor club then subscribe to an online daily joke delivered by e-mail. A good chuckle is the best way to start your day. Make this the first e-mail you read, no matter if you have one marked as urgent from your boss.
3. Do something crazy from time to time. Wear different color shoes or socks or a ridiculous tie and mentally bet on who will be the first person to point it out. If you have important visitors and feel stressed about it, then go for funny underwear to take some of the pressure off.
4. If you have a difficult client or coworker lighten things up by exaggerating the things that annoy you about them and find a cartoon character that they remind you of them. For example, if your client seems to be too much of a chauvinist he may become your Homer Simpson.
5. Have toys at work and take little breaks to play with them. A simple bobble head of your favorite cartoon character that you can tap on the head can become your stress release button.
The reason why stress has a negative impact in our lives is because it comes from worrying. In order to truly allow humor to lighten up your life at work you have to forget about what other people might think. Follow the rules, get the work done, but give yourself a few minutes every day to be silly. Your mind and body will thank you.